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Jolocom builds global infrastructure
to support decentralized digital identity management.

Smart agents own and control the data that defines them, a prerequisite for self-sovereign identity.

Our core team

Joachim Lohkamp
founder & CEO
Eugeniu Rusu
full stack dev
Kai Wagner
business developer
Iryna Nezhynska
visual communication designer
Ellie Stephens
communications strategist
Charles Cunningham
full stack dev
Volker Schiewe
full stack dev
Mina Nagy Zaki
full stack dev
Elizabeth Slucky
product designer
Cristian Lungu
full stack dev
Matilda Horppu
UX researcher

and our trusted advisors

Achim Hensen
Co-founder of Purpose Stiftung
Achim is committed to a new understanding of ownership and helps companies to find suitable financing and ownership solutions in order to remain independent and meaningful in the long term. Since 2016 Achim has supported Jolocom in becoming such a company by guiding the team in building a sustainable decentralized organization from the ground up.
Dr. Shermin Voshmgir
Founder of BlockchainHub
Director of Research Institute for Crypto Economics, Vienna University of Economics & Business
Shermin is the founder of BlockchainHub - an international network that promotes the idea of blockchain, crypto economics, and the decentralized web since 2015. She recently became the director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics in Vienna and has acted as an advisor to Jolocom since early 2017.

It all started during my time with Lufthansa…

“From my naive perspective this was kind of crazy…valuable information existed throughout the company, tons of it. But to actually get access to it was almost impossible. In 2002 I started Jolocom as a project to help people in companies to better communicate and share information…which would lead to a better alignment towards the overlying goals and strengthen the company itself. Presenting this idea to companies quickly gave me harsh feedback.”

Today we are a team of 9, collaborating with 20+ partners, supported by the European Commission, and moving closer to establishing new models of data ownership in the world.

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Company timeline

May 2014

Company founded
Jolocom founded in Berlin based on the original idea from 2002.

Feb. 2015

Proof of concept
Deployed the first version of the SOLID (GOLD) server for our first identity PoC.

Apr. 2015

First prototype
Technical framework and interface presented at hackathon during GETD#2 Summit in San Francisco.

Dec. 2015

Partnership: AGILE, European Commission H2020 Research & Innovation Project
Jolocom becomes a grant recipient and partner company within the AGILE consortium as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, the biggest EU Research and Innovation initiative aimed to secure Europe’s global competitiveness. Along with around twenty other teams Jolocom built an IoT gateway that facilitated processes and interactions between autonomous machines in IoT environments.

Dec. 2015

Specifications for IoT gateway data sharing via Jolocom WebID proxy
Delivered specs for machine identity interactions via a proxy service within particular IoT environments as part of our work with the AGILE consortium project.

June 2016

First AGILE IoT gateway proof of concept
Co-developed the architecture for identity integration for data sharing on the AGILE IoT gateway in first PoC.

Nov. 2016

Research partnership with Fraunhofer FOKUS
Conducted research on decentralized identity systems based on a personal server approach on top of blockchains utilizing the WebID of SOLID and the Ethereum public network.

Apr. 2017

Became a purpose company
Adopted a new legal structure for Jolocom GmbH according to the purpose model of ownership, manifesting our commitment and dedication to build a self-sovereign organization.

June 2017

Blockchain Bundesverband established
Joachim Lohkamp co-founded the federal German blockchain association. The Blockchain Bundesverband is convinced that blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography are the basic infrastructural innovations to make a digital economy on democratic structures in Germany a reality.

Nov. 2017

Jolocom Identity Gateway presented at Ethereum DevCon3
We presented our collaboration on a backend-agnostic identity gateway that serves as an oracle to use data stored in BigchainDB in an Ethereum smart contract.

Nov. 2017

Partnership: T-Labs – Telekom Innovation Laboratories (Deutsche Telekom)
Joined the blockchain working group along with BigchainDB, IOTA, and RIDDLE&CODE to build an operating stack service for developers to easily implement decentralized storage, identity management, smart contracts, and payments in their work. The service enables enterprises and developers alike to utilize the features of blockchain technology without having to worry about the underlying complexity.

Dec. 2017

Major update to system architecture
Drawing on our experience with decentralized identity solutions for both IoT devices and humans in combination with our focus on usability, we overhauled our technical architecture to enable a universal identity layer for all types of identities in one protocol.

Feb. 2018

Winner: Bosch Connected World 2018 logistics challenge
Presented a prototype operating stack service from the T-Labs blockchain working group at the Bosch Connected World 2018 conference and hackathon where it won the logistics challenge. The service was created to simplify the decision-making process for developers wondering which blockchain technology to use in their projects. The prototype allows for basic storage of data and hashes on a DLT of choice. Subsequent phases of development would include advanced storage options, identity management and modeling of ownership structures, smart contracts, and decentralized payments.

Feb. 2018

Technical whitepaper released
Reflecting our architecture update from December 2017 and focus on open standards, we published our technical whitepaper describing the blockchain agnostic self-sovereign identity protocol that will replace prevailing centralized identity solutions with a highly modular approach built on open and interoperable standards.

Mar. 2018

Membership: Decentralized Identity Foundation
As part of our commitment to open standards and collaboration in the identity space, we joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation to coordinate with other companies on topics such as decentralized identifiers, protocols, and standards.

Mar. 2018

Alpha version of SmartWallet released
Published the first alpha of the Jolocom SmartWallet application for Android devices in the Google Play Store running on the decentralized identity protocol built by Jolocom.

Apr. 2018

Membership: Open Innovation Platform (BMWi)
The “Open Innovation Plattform” from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy listed Jolocom on their register of projects and visions which innovate for the public sector using blockchain technologies.

July 2018

First phase of rebranding concluded
With a new visual language, fresh Android app interface, and complete redesign of our website, the overall brand identity was comprehensively refreshed and revitalized to fully reflect changes to our architecture and conceptual framework over the past year.

Oct. 2018

SSI paper from Bundesblock released
Along with other identity leaders, contributed to a landmark position paper on self-sovereign identity authored by the Blockchain Bundesverband. The paper represents the first step towards the discussion of self-sovereign identity based on a shared consensus of the concept, terminology and such important topics as standardization, privacy and security.

Nov. 2018

Co-organized first IPDB Hackathon
Provided SDKs for the #codeforpurpose hackathon during Revision Summit 2018. Use cases included supply chain traceability, portable rental histories for fairer housing, a registry for university student project, and a browser plug-in to detect fake news.

Dec. 2018

Partnership: Blockchain on the Move (Phase 1)
Following a multi-month market consultation, the Blockchain on the Move consortium (including the Flemish Government, the City of Antwerp, Digipolis, the Flemish Administration, and V-ICT-OR) selected Jolocom as its technical partner to develop SSI software during the project’s initial phase.

Feb. 2019

Final presentation of Blockchain on the Move (Phase 1)
Jolocom joins the project partners in Antwerp to close out the first phase of the Blockchain on the Move project during a final presentation.

Feb. 2019

Live demo of SmartWallet integration with T-Labs at MWC 2019
Enabled a working demo for an electric scooter charging ecosystem using a Jolocom identity that was presented at MWC2019 by the Head of T-Labs.

Mar. 2019

Legal establishment of INATBA
Jolocom is a co-founding member organizations behind the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), a consortium of stakeholders engaged in the development and application of blockchain and DLT technologies which promote economic growth and contribute to society’s well-being.

Mar. 2019

Completion of H2020 AGILE project
Presented Jolocom’s contribution to the Horizon 2020 AGILE project, a modular hardware and software gateway for the Internet of Things, during a final presentation from all contributing partners and companies.

Mar. 2019

Partnership: OMOS
As an associated partner, Jolocom will contribute to the first steps towards building a fully decentralized open mobility system for seamless mobility as a service (Seamless MaaS).

Apr. 2019

Official launch of DWeb Berlin
Organized the Berlin chapter of DWeb, a series of events driven by local communities of developers, designers, information architects, activists, policymakers and journalists toward a global goal – building the web we deserve.

Aug. 2019

Co-hosted Identity Node at Web 3 Summit
Organized a program & space for curated and informal talks, workshops, and protocol deep dives into all things decentralized identity.

Sept. 2019

Launch of Deutsche Telekom’s T-Labs Xride e-mobility ecosystem pilot
Official launch of Xride, a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based e-mobility ecosystem pilot featuring fully decentralized identity and access management powered by Jolocom.

Oct. 2019

Membership: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
As a member of the W3C, Jolocom will support the Decentralized Identifier Working Group in establishing industry standards for DIDs, DID Documents, and requirements for DID Method specifications.