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5 years of decentralizing identities

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May 29, 2019

We were elated to do just that with 50+ partners, friends, teammates — new and former — community members and +1s of all kinds at our new home in Betahaus Kreuzberg.


Joachim kicked off the conversation with a recap of Jolocom stemming from its initial founding in 2014. Why did Joachim decide to found Jolocom as a decentralized identity company? Read the full story here. Beyond the tech, Joachim also touched on the importance of community and building the space into a vibrant network of individuals committed to the values of decentralization. In this spirit, this was also the year he worked with Brewster Kahle and Wendy Hanamura of the Internet Archive to found Get Decentralized.


Eugeniu then came on to speak about early Jolocom products from a developer’s point of view. Where we originated with the Freedom Box, a privacy-oriented personal server running SOLID (social linked data) to enable personal data storage wherever you wish, to our development of our first lightweight wallet, Little Sister (the opposite of Big Brother), to the decentralized identity Wallet, library, and protocol that Jolocom is proud to showcase today. It was during this time (January 2016) that we joined the Agile Horizon 2020 project to provide a trusted data sharing provider using SOLID and Ethereum for IoT devices. Want to learn more about our early work with Horizon 2020 and our tech of the day? Check here.


Kai then expanded by providing an overview of some of our more recent work with partners and other community members like:

Many, many more were mentioned during the event. For more information on who we are working with, visit our partners page.


Ira took the stage next to talk about design at Jolocom. Key to creating products usable by people are good UX and UI. Ira highlighted how she created a new visual identity for Jolocom with input from the team and built the interfaces you see when you interact with Jolocom — both online and off! — today. Ira also gave an introduction to #DWebDesign, one of three DWeb meetup communities. For more and upcoming DWeb Design events, visit the DWeb Berlin page on Meetup. For more on past events and words from Ira, check out our Design stories.


Evolved from the GetD community but with its rebrand and launch in March 2019, DWeb continues to be a thriving community with chapters in Berlin and San Francisco with new branches (soon to be!) cropping up in Toronto and more. Ellie elaborated on Jolocom’s work as curators of the DWeb Berlin community with a look back at some of our past events, and a look ahead at the culminating event — DWeb Camp — slated to take place July 2019. Registration is open now. For more:

Lastly, the newest members of our team introduced themselves and what they do here at Jolocom. On the development side that meant a brief hello from Charles, Sean Li and Mina, our newest developer from Cairo and from Sean, our technical writer. Visit our team page to find out more about who we are! From there, guests were encouraged to try out our demos, contribute feedback to DWeb Berlin, and get to know one another — which they did, until almost midnight.

We want to thank everyone who came, and offer a special thanks to Ana Gogole from Moeco.io for taking so many of the above photos!

See you next year!