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Jan 11, 2022  •  5 min

International Thank You Day

Today, January 11, is the International Day of Gratitude. What better time then, to tell partners that you cherish their work and thank them for the inspiration they have given you? We at Jolocom refl
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Nov 17, 2021  •  3 min

ID-Ideal as an integrated solution

Jolocom puts sovereign identities, as well as SSI into a single wallet as part of the ID-Ideal project. ID-Ideal is part of the German government lighthouse project for Secure Digital Identities.
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Nov 17, 2021  •  3min

ID-Ideal als eine ganzheitliche Lösung

ID-Ideal ist ein Projekt aus dem Schaufenster Sichere Digitale Identitäten, das Ansätze für offene, interoperable und gut nutzbare ID-Ökosysteme fördert.