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Flashback 2021: Projects

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Dec 05, 2021

A summary of Jolocom’s projects in 2021 provides a broad overview of how we work, what our values ​ are, and how we have developed. Spoiler Alert: A lot has happened since January.

ONCE in implementation

In spring this year we began the implementation phase for the project ONCE. ONCE had been selected as one out of four projects of the innovation competition ‘Showcase Secure Digital Identities’ by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) for a three-year implementation phase. Jolocom brings its expertise in the development of wallet-based digital identities based on the self-sovereign identity (SSI) approach to three of the selected implementation projects.

In this project, Jolocom is responsible for the development of an ONCE-compliant wallet. Based on the Jolocom Smartwallet. In the next two years, this is to be supplemented with additional modules and functions together with the project partners.

In the initial phase, the projects focuses extensively on the development, implementation and integration of the technical components. Soon, however, the implementation of use cases from the areas of public administration, mobility and tourism will come to the fore. The solutions of the ONCE ecosystem will then be piloted and put into circulation in particular in the Hesse region and in partner cities in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

From this point on, the practical results of ONCE will be tested in everyday life by residents of the regions. In terms of its functionality, the ecosystem is designed to serve both sovereign identities and evidence (eID, mDL, iKfz), as well as identity features that are issued and used according to the principles of SSI.

The ONCE project also takes current developments around the European eIDAS regulation into account, with the clear goal of providing future-proof solutions on the subject of digital identities for German and EU citizens.

Read more about ONCE? You can find more information here: https://www.once-project.de/partner/jolocom/ & on our website: https://jolocom.io/blog/once-eidas-de/

Jolocom goes Consulting – since 7 years

2021 was a productive year for Jolocom. A lot has happened since January: projects have been further developed and expanded. An example of this is the area of consulting.

In its seven years, Jolocom actually always held a consultant role, which means that we can pull off a great deal of know-how through various project implementations. The focus here is of course on SSI. But Jolocom has also been able to acquire a lot of knowledge through active work in the field of technology or in networks of various bodies (e.g. W3C, DIF, INATBA) and consortia (e.g. shop window projects digital identities). That, in turn, can flow into our advisory role.

We don’t just strive for advice from start to finish. No, rather from start to operation without detours. Because Jolocom covers all areas and levels, from the first contact with the topic of digital identities, creation of the strategy, selection of the technology to implementation. This enables efficient first-hand advice without time-consuming and costly detours.

Principles and solutions

We are convinced that a decentralized identity should be an open platform with uniform standards, regardless of a single solution. Products and solutions have to be interoperable. This is the only way to realize the potential of the technology for the individual, public, and private sector.

This principle guides us in consultation and in the creation of our freely available platform. When it comes to consulting, we are therefore independent of technology and aim to avoid a vendor lock-in or other dependencies.

Jolocom Consulting supports project / consortium management, so that the solution goes into operation as planned and the potentials can be realized. https://jolocom.io/blog/consulting-ssi/

The development and thus the projects of Jolocom are constantly evolving. For example, we are working on demos that clearly and vividly present what we do and what we are working on. For the ConDIDi project, Jolocom created a demo together with the TIB in Leibniz, which shows this well and can be tried here: https://labs.tib.eu/condidi/

Jolocom started its ONCE project in 2021 and was able to further expand the area of ​​consulting. We also worked on the development of the Smartwallet 2.0, which will be presented in more detail in another article. We are very excited about the opportunities 2022 will bring and proud of the progress we made in 2021.