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ID-Ideal as an integrated solution

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Nov 17, 2021

In the ID-Ideal project, Jolocom brings sovereign identities and SSI into a single wallet.

To improve efficiency and interoperability in the digital space, Jolocom presents the ID-Ideal project. The starting point is the fact that every user has 70 digital identities online. Why not introduce one single secure digital ID solution to merge all of those identities? ID-Ideal is one way of many, offering an integrated solution or a middle way so that many identities can be supplemented by a single, secure digital ID solution.

The project is part of the competitive innovation program “Showcase Secure Digital Identities” (SSDI) funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and one of four projects that qualified for the implementation phase.

Jolocom is a partner in three of the four SDI implementation projects, to which it will lend its expertise in self-sovereign identity and years of experience in developing digital identity wallets. Other projects include “ONCE” and the “SDIKA” project. The SDI projects are special because they bring competitors around the table who are working together on one solution. In addition, they achieve interoperability, so that the use of digital identification no longer remains inefficient.

ID-Ideal’s implementation phase began in May 2021. Current developments relating to the European eIDAS regulation are also taken into account, with the clear aim of providing future-orientated solutions on the subject of digital identities. Citizens should be able to act from the comfort of their home – be it when changing their place of residence, applying for a care center or other notifications of changes. The solution should not be used regionally but across Germany and Europe.

Based on the so-called ID-Ideal Trust Framework, the technical, legal, and semantic interoperability of services and applications is regulated. The aim is to stimulate the creation of an ID ecosystem. If many ID services can coexist, the overarching exchange of digital evidence becomes possible. This is how we actively create trust between actors inside the digital space – one of the basic principles of Jolocom.

The idea behind ID-Ideal is to create a basis for existing and future identity services. To achieve this, interoperability between the individual ecosystems is necessary. For this reason, the project mainly focuses on key aspects:

A) Trust Framework: harmonize various ID services and create standards for secure digital identities

B) High relevance to everyday life and very good usability to increase the incentive

C) Establishing a TrustNest initiative: an open community that promotes certification, exchange, and further development

Would you like to find out more about the ID-Ideal project? You can findits official homepage here: https://id-ideal.hs-mittweida.de/ and more information at the BMWi: https://www.digitale-technologien.de/DT/Navigation/DE/ProgrammeProjekte/AktuelleTechnologieprogramme/Sichere_Digitale_Identitaeten/Projekte_Umsetzungsphase/IDideal/IDideal.html   


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