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INATBA: advancing blockchain across Europe

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Apr 04, 2019
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Jolocom is proud to join 105 organisations representing the full Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ecosystem in announcing our commitment to a new platform, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA).

Launched with a ceremonial digital signing at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, INATBA is dedicated to promoting the use of blockchain technology by developing a predictable, transparent and trust-based global framework.

Equally as exciting for me and the Jolocom team is my successful nomination to the INATBA board of directors.

Leading Jolocom’s Partnership Development, my motivation for joining the board is powered by what I see to be the true potential of blockchain technology. To me, blockchain technology is relevant because it enables us to rebuild the infrastructure of our digital economy where it has fallen short: in the areas where we want to exchange real value, aim to protect people’s privacy and freedom, and ultimately create businesses that thrive in an interoperable ecosystem.

At Jolocom, we have followed a community-based approach to partnerships and business development since our start in 2014. As a founding member and board member of the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock), Jolocom has contributed to the association’s success with time, energy and relentless motivation.

My own involvement in the association’s activities has thus far been focused on efforts to promote interoperable blockchain and distributed ledger infrastructure in Europe and beyond. As the lead author of the association’s latest position paper on self-sovereign identity, and co-author of an earlier paper from the association on GDPR, blockchain, and privacy protection, I plan to contribute not only my domain-specific contacts and knowledge, but also experience in day-to-day association work. And in light of regular contributions to the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, as well as my cooperation with member state representatives of the European Blockchain partnership, I am excited to use this closely aligned experience to further the objectives of INATBA.

Live stream of the INATBA founding

How to join INATBA

If you or your organization is interested in joining this association to unleash the full potential of blockchain by teaming up across sectors and with regulators, then send your expression of interest to [email protected]. You can find out more information on www.inatba.org.

Hear from me and my colleague, Ellie Stephens, on why you should join in the video below…

Contact the INATBA Communications Team:

[email protected] (+353877034232)
[email protected] (+353871204186)