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The latest in the DWeb: SSI’s breakthrough

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May 06, 2021
 • logged_by: Joachim

What if the platforms didn’t control your identity information, but you could carry it with you? What if identity could be decentralized?

At the last DWeb Meetup, we were invited to share our role in the German Government’s 60M Euro SDI (Secure Digital Identities) innovation project to bring “Self-Sovereign Identity” to German and EU citizens.


We all need a digital identity we own & control, an identity that keeps all its components secure & private.

Such self-owned digital identity must let us seamlessly navigate the digital world while giving us full control over how & which information we share with whom.


Jolocom is part of three (ONCE, ID-Ideal and SDIKA) out of four winning teams in a 60M Euro German innovation competition to build the SDI Projects. Developers can integrate our platform-agnostic SSI technology to reach millions of EU citizens across 40 use cases poised to scale.


A brief video introduction to use cases, strategies and challenges of the four German SDI projects: