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Flashbacks  •  
Dec 05, 2021  •  3 min

Flashback 2021: Projects

An overview of Jolocom's projects provides a comprehensive picture of how we work, what our values ​ are and how we have developed. Spoiler Alert: A lot has happened since January.
Flashbacks  •  
Dec 05, 2021  •  3min

Flashback 2021: Projekte

Eine Übersicht über die Projekte von Jolocom bietet ein umfassendes Bild darüber, wie wir arbeiten, was unsere Werte sind, und wie wir uns entwickelt haben.
Use cases  •  
Nov 17, 2021  •  3 min

ID-Ideal as an integrated solution

Jolocom puts sovereign identities, as well as SSI into a single wallet as part of the ID-Ideal project. ID-Ideal is part of the German government lighthouse project for Secure Digital Identities.