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The SSI world in one application. About Jolocom’s SmartWallet 2.0

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Jun 12, 2021

What is the SmartWallet 2.0 and what does it do? 

The main purpose behind Jolocom’s SmartWallet, first and foremost, is to give the user more control over his or her data in a privacy preserving way. In a nutshell, the SmartWallet therefore merges the SSI world in one single application. Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the SmartWallet 2.0 is unique because it is built off the blockchain, giving EU citizens the right to opt-out of companies collecting personally identifiable information. In this way, SmartWallet 2.0 is  the first of its kind because it represents a successful GDPR-compliant self-sovereign identity solution. 

Planning and Creating 

Planning started back in 2019. The previous SmartWallet was in need for a remaking; especially the camera and settings screen needed improvement. It was soon to be decided that instead of a new update, what the SmartWallet actually needed was a complete new refactoring. So, instead of amending changes, the Wallet should be build from scratch as something new. July 2021 saw the first release of the new SmartWallet 2.0. The main focus hereby laid on the improvement of user experience, visual aspects and also functionality. Some aspects of the previous Wallet were kept, however, if only a few, for instance the first screen images and parts of the onboarding. Overall, a new SmartWallet was created. 

Why it’s special 

It is often overlooked, the way we share identity data. Jolocom’s SmartWallet 2.0 therefore wants to ensure that the data that we store today remains safe tomorrow. By this forward-looking approach to identity management, Jolocom helps individuals, enterprises, and governments to employ identity solutions for a digitally native world. Moreover, the SmartWallet 2.0 is adaptable to fit future use cases like eID, Covid passports, or gym memberships, for example, by being GDPR-compliant. No one – not even Jolocom – can access the info with out permission from the holder.