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11 - 14 October

We are excited to see Devcon in Bogota be back as an in person event. Much has happened since Osaka, and our CEO Joachim would love to discuss the most recent developments around decentralized identity, including SBTs, ENS, ZK and DID core. Looking forward to the Ethereum family reunion meeting old and new friends. -> Conference

15 - 17 November
Mountain View, CA,
Internet Identity Workshop IIWXXXV

The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. We meet in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference!

21 - 24 September
New York City,

At Unfinished Live, leading experts and engaged citizens contribute to shaping our digital future. Our Kai Wagner will share how we at Jolocom contribute to future where new technologies and policies enable a stronger democracy, a fairer economy, and a more just society. -> Join us!

24 - 28 August
Camp Navarro,
DWeb Camp

Set in the beautiful redwoods near the Mendocino coast of California, DWeb Camp is a five-day retreat for builders and dreamers, to gather in nature to tackle the real world challenges facing the web and to co-create the decentralized technologies of the future. Jolocom’s own CEO Joachim Lohkamp will be among the attendees.

16 - 18 August
Exploring Digital Identity for Decentralized Societies

Protocols for decentralized social verification are a key missing element of the Internet. In the absence of broadly adopted open standards, so far this role has largely been filled by big technology organizations. Discuss with our very own Ben the challenge of furthering open protocols for better and more scalable forms of digital sociality.

24 - 25 June
New York City,
Funding the Commons

Joachim participated in a round table discussion on digital infrastructure, such as identity in the context of a public good and enabling technology. Beyond that, the exchange about building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment in open source networks was in focus.  Watch Recordings ->

21 - 23 June

Under the heading „The world of smart ID solutions“, the OMNISECURE congress will be held at Berlin’s Palace Hotel from June 21 to June 23, 2022.
The event is the annual family gathering of the eID industry. Around 400 experts and decision-makers from industry, science and politics will come together, discuss trends and nurture the industry network.

20 - 22 June
Zukunftskongress 2022

Der Zukunftskongresses 2022 stellt 10 Aufgaben für Deutschland und seine Verwaltungen bis 2025 vor. Jolocom’s Kai Wagner wird teilnehmen und sich über Cloud Netzwerke, KI, Digitale Transformation u.v.m. austauschen.


10 - 13 May
European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

Jolocom was happy to attend this year’s EIC. Irene Adamski  represented our team, presenting ‚Self-Sovereign Identity en route to production – Pilots in Germany and pioneering EU-regulations‘. Other topics included Identity Fabrics, Global Identity Networks, Seamless Access Experience, and many more.

29 April
5 Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Digital Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity is one of the most recent developments in this field. It follows principles, such as privacy by design, accessibility, or interoperability. How can you become a member of our community? To start your career in one of the most innovative fields of the digital identity sector, Ben Biedermann (Jolocom) talked about the core principles of SSI, about use cases that are central for its adoption & what it takes to get started today.


26 - 28 April
Mountain View, CA,
Internet Identity Workshop XXXIV (#34)

This is the time and place that you get to discuss, share your knowledge, work on and learn about anything & everything related to Internet Identity. Furthermore, take your chance to catch up with Joachim Lohkamp, Jolocom’s own CEO.

Identity is at the heart of all the topics listed, along with others that will be discussed this year, such as SSI & Decentralized Identity, Verifiable Credentials, DIDs, Open ID Connect, and many more.

20 April
Was ist eine digitale Signatur?

Überlegen Sie oder Ihr Unternehmen, eine digitale Signatur einzuführen? Andreas Freitag repräsentierte Jolocom als Ratgeber rund um das Thema Digitale Signatur. Dabei wurde folgenden Fragen nachgegangen:

Was ist Ihnen und Ihrem Unternehmen bei der Einführung wichtig? Welche Verschlüsselung brauchen Sie? Wollen Sie mehrere Unterschriftenarten in einem Tool kombinieren? Welches Tool brauchen Sie? Nach welche Kriterien wählen Sie ein Signaturtool aus? Wie planen Sie den Roll-Out?


31 March
Keeping Your Personal Data Personal: How Decentralized Identity Drives Data Privacy

This event was part of a series of workshops presented by Metropolitan New York Library Council, Internet Archive, DWeb, and Library Futures. Irene Adamski from Jolocom attended the discussion about the future of SSI alongside Wendy Hanamura, Kaliya Young, and Lambert Heller.

Learn more here:

24 - 25 February
DIFCon F2F - Virtual #3

DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation) invited the entire decentralized identity community to join their third open online virtual meeting, and Jolocom attended.

The current state of the decentralized identity space, individual elements‘ status, and how the path towards interoperability should look like was being discussed.


22 February
DID Conference Korea 2022

Designed to find ways to apply DID to real life and expand it as a place to review the latest trends in technology, market, regulation and business with domestic and foreign DID experts. Participants shared and discussed development directions.

11 February
USP Day 2022: Privacy and Trust in the Digital World
The topic of trust online is a big one. Jolocom joined #USPDay 2022 organized by Fraunhofer: where we discussed the significance of trust for online users.
Jolocom  presented our SmartWallet from a ONCE (SDI) perspective at the USP Conference.
10 February
Dutch Blockchain Coalition

This mission was  for Dutch companies, knowledge and research institutions, and for (semi-)public organizations that are active in this sector. The mission took place on February 10 and 11, 2022.

Kai Wagner presented our Work on SSI and the SDI projects at an event of the Dutch Embassy and Dutch Blockchain coalition organized by BerChain.


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