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10 December
How can your decentralised identity be utilised by governments?

Governments all over the world are now looking into how self-sovereign identities can benefit their countries and identity management systems. At the next meetup from Your Digital Identity, Kai will be speaking about SSI for government and the public sector, plus insights from Jolocom’s experience in the space.

05 December
Community Xmas Market | Turbine Kreuzberg

A meetup from CODING BERLIN

A community xmas market for developers and people working in tech to enjoy a networking event on Turbine’s terrace above the roofs of Kreuzberg. Mina gave a lightning talk.

05 December
Ethereum Meetup December - Identity Session

Identity Session

Good company, the latest news and updates about Ethereum right from the developers. Coding questions, questions about the projects, and general curiosity about Ethereum’s capabilities are all welcome and encouraged!

With this edition shining the spotlight identity, Charles introduced the basics of SSI, DIDs and Verifiable Credentials to an audience of decentralized tech enthusiasts, philosophers and developers.

28 November
DWebDesign + UXPressia Workshop

Different faces of Customer Journey Mapping

Evening talks & networking. → 18:00-21:00 @ betahaus Xberg

28 November
GIZ Roundtable on Digital ID

The race is on, and development cooperation has a role

Kai will participate in a round table discussion on digital identity in the context of development cooperation. He’ll also be presenting a lightning talk on SSI with a focus on development sector interests.

11 - 13 November

The Global Blockchain Congress

Convergence is the first truly global blockchain conference, bringing together the worldwide blockchain community for an intense dialog with regulators, policy makers, industry influencers and members of the social impact community.

A joint organising team composed of the European Commission, INATBA, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, and Alastria seeks to bring together approximately 1,500 participants over three days for a program of presentations, panels, workshops, and cultural events.

30 October
The Netherlands
Self-Sovereign Identity Forum 2019

Track 2 — Government & Legal
Kai Wagner & Dan Du Seuil
13:30 – 14:00

Kai (Jolocom) & Daniel (Informatie Vlaanderen, Flemish Government) will be discussing examples of SSI implementations for local governments with a look at the legal aspects of SSI in the Track 2 breakout room.

22 - 24 October
Smart Country Convention 2019

With a focus on digital solutions for administrations and public services in municipalities, regions and national governments, the exhibition will see key players from administrations, government agencies, the digital economy, associations and science come together on three days with one common goal: digitization of the entire public sector.

On Day 1, Kai will be joined by Raphael Mintgen (Head of IoT solutions, Bechtle AG) for a discussion titled:

Beam me up, SCCON! Smarte Technologien für morgen
Arena Stage (Expo Area, Hall B)
October 24, 2019

18 October
moinblockchain '19

For a technology driven future: Diverse mindsets. Together.

Joachim will be speaking at moinblockchain ’19 — the third blockchain conference hosted by moinworld, a non-profit organization that wants to change the face of the IT industry to make it more attractive to those who bring a different perspective. Expect hands-on workshops, inspiring speakers and exceptional side events.

08 - 11 October
Devcon 5

Joachim will once again be representing the Jolocom crew at Devcon, the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.

01 - 03 October
Mountain View,
Internet Identity Workshop #29


The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference! See the growing list of potential topics put forth by those who have already registered.

Joachim & Eugeniu will be attending the 29th edition of IIW on behalf of Jolocom.

01 October
San Francisco,
DWeb SF — October Meetup

5:30 PM – 9:30 PM • Internet Archive
We’ll be sharing the takeaways from DWeb Camp and looking to future collaborations. Speakers this month include Joachim from Jolocom, who will be sharing the latest in Jolocom’s decentralized self-sovereign identity and also announcing the IPDB Association – a global group building the first non-monetary blockchain and decentralized database with decentralized governance. Shokunin of PermaWeb, built on top of the IPFS stack will share the latest from IPFS Camp and DWeb Camp. Margaret Warren, founder of ImageSnippets, will share the latest advancements in adding linked data to the decentralized stack. Wendy Hanamura of Internet Archive will share where the DWeb Movement is headed, with new meetup groups in Phoenix, Boston, Shanghai, Perm (Russia), Berlin, Toronto, and Austin, TX!

24 September
Informationstag "Elektronische Signatur" 2019

Note: This is a German-language event. Kai will be speaking.

Mit dem Informationstag “Elektronische Signatur und Vertrauensdienste” setzen TeleTrusT und VOI gemeinsam die erfolgreiche Veranstaltungsreihe der Vorjahre fort. Experten aus Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Forschung werden erneut ein differenziertes Bild über die aktuelle Situation der elektronischen Signatur und Vertrauensdienste in Deutschland zeichnen und darüber diskutieren. Mit dem Inkrafttreten der eIDAS-Verordnung, der Vertrauensdienste-Verordnung und z.B. auch der PSD2-Verordnung hat der Themenbereich “Elektronische Signatur und Vertrauensdienste” in den vergangenen Jahren weiter an Fahrt aufgenommen. Die Anbieterzahl dieser Dienste wächst und bildet in Zukunft einen zunehmend wichtigen Rahmen, in dem sich die Digitalisierung entwickelt. Digitale Signaturen und Vertrauensdienste werden zum “Enabler” für eine vertrauenswürdige Digitalisierung.

24 September
Linum Labs Community Call: Exploring all things SSI

September’s community call focused on self-sovereign identity and the need for an identity layer in a decentralized Web 3.0. Flavia Maria Soare (Data Privacy Lawyer) evaluated the legal dimensions of SSI, followed by Ellie, who presented Jolocom’s open source, privacy-first design approach to developing SSI solutions.

11 September
Xride Launch


Come attend the launch of Xride: a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based e-mobility ecosystem pilot!

T-Labs and its ecosystem partners (including Jolocom!) have developed an open urban mobility ecosystem that runs entirely on decentralized technologies. All major functionalities from identity management to payment & storage are realized via blockchain technologies.

The event will have demonstrations of the future mobility ecosystem, including self-sovereign identity, token payments, trusted data verification, and more: you will be able to ride the #blockchainscooter, to test your riding skills in a fun obstacle course, challenge your colleagues, and become eligible to win a prize.

>> 10:00-15:00 • Deutsche Telekom, Landgrabenweg 151 (Bonn) • Use main entrance

10 September
Blockchain Transformation in Mobility and Logistics

Blockchain encourages the building of ecosystems with many participants, who share similar interests but don’t trust each other because of the competition in the market. This evening event will focus on different blockchain solutions for providers of mobility and logistics services.

• How can providers of transportation use decentralized ledgers for their services?
• How could blockchain make supply-chain more efficient and transparent?
• How will blockchain technology transform the IoT sector?

Ellie will be delivering a keynote on Xride, a decentralized emobility ecosystem and collaborative project by T-Labs.

03 - 06 September
Rebooting the Web of Trust IX


Over the last four and a half years, Rebooting the Web of Trust has published over forty-five collaborative white papers, technical specs, and code repos. The focus of all of RWOT events is on decentralized identity, including technical models, reputation systems, smart contracts and more.

  • Sign up at Eventbrite.
  • Early bird ends July 18th, advanced purchases August 15th.
  • Then submit your topic paper on Github.

Joachim & Kai are looking forward to attending on behalf of Jolocom and discussing SSI interoperability strategies in particular.

22 August

Ira will be presenting on behalf of Jolocom during the 22.08 edition of betabreakfast | Kreuzberg. Organized by betahaus, betabreakfast is held every Thursday for the Berlin startup community to connect over breakfast and get to know likeminded entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives in the city.

21 - 23 August

A nonprofit global developer conference focusing on decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum.

After having successfully brought together more than 600 Ethereum developers, researchers and enthusiasts in summer 2018, DappCon will take place for a second time this summer!

The conference, organized by developers for developers, aims to encourage critical discussions on the next generation of dapps and provide learning opportunities for developers who strive to build Ethereum’s core infrastructure and applications.

19 - 21 August
Web3 Summit 2019

Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.

This year we are co-hosting an Identity Node with DAppNode and Iden3. Found in the Hackerspace at Funkhaus, the Identity Node will be running from the morning of the 19th to close on the 21st. This will be a space for both curated and informal talks, workshops, and protocol deep dives into all things decentralized identity.

Plus: Joachim joins a panel titled “Identity in DGov” on the 19th in the DGov Node, while Ira’s rapid-fire workshop on “UX for the Web3” will be held on the 20th in the Studio 4 Workshops.

Click here for an overview of where to talk identity (with us!) at this year’s Web3.

18 - 29 August
Blockchain Week Berlin 2019

Blockchain Week Berlin is a community-organized initiative. It is an agnostic movement based on the premise that self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem. Anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions is invited to join.

Blockchain Week Berlin is committed to reducing the noise from the market and focusing on education in order to push mass adoption via providing first-hand information about the industry.

30 July
Anonymity Ensured by Blockchain Technology 

Disrupt Meetup

In this meetup, speakers will talk about how Blockchain can ensure Anonymity in a hyper-digitalized age. This includes Jolocom’s Sean Li, who will be demoing the SmartWallet and presenting our work at Jolocom to the digital identity community in Frankfurt.

22 July
Vienna Digital Identity Meetup

A meetup organized by Vienna Digital Identity.

Here, the results & outcome of the Decentralised IDs Authentication & Access Workshop (see above, 18-19 July) will be presented.

18 - 21 July
San Francisco,
DWeb Camp 2019

For the first time ever, the Internet Archive is hosting DWeb Camp, a community-built event, so it will be what you make it. Supplies include the land, some shelter, nourishing food, and power — the rest is up to you. Come imagine, debate, hack and co-create the technologies, laws, markets and values we need to build a better Web. Registration opened in mid-April and is limited to 500 campers.

Get involved in co-creating the camp via these GitHub repositories.

18 - 19 July
Decentralized IDs Authentication and Access Workshop

A 2-day workshop for blockchain enthusiasts to dive into Decentralisation, Identities and Blockchain technologies organized by our friends at RIDDLE&CODE together with RIAT.

Despite the rapid advance in technology, a secure, trusted, convenient and straightforward interaction between Humans, Machines and Services is still a challenge. Within the Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO)’s initiatives, building blocks have been created to enable this interaction. However, there are still limitations and gaps. The key to widespread, secure and trusted interaction is finding convenient ways to initiate authentication and communication across the system.

Mina and Volker from the Jolocom dev team will be joining the workshop participants in collaborating on finding non-centralised solutions to this challenge.

The outcome of the workshop will also be presented at a meetup organized by Vienna Digital Identity on July 22nd.

04 July
Future of Online Privacy

A Tech Open Air Satellite Event

In an era when proliferation of personal data is the status quo, online privacy is a concern for each and every user on the web. (Not convinced your data has been exposed in one of these larger attacks? Check here to see if & where you’ve been pwned.)

So to foster better privacy practices among users while advancing awareness of online surveillance technologies, we’ve gathered a group of professionals working in digital security to share their expertise and wisdom on data protection in brief presentations followed by open, small group discussions or workshops.

In addition to discussing perspectives on the future of online privacy and what privacy-enhancing technologies are on the horizon, they’ll share tactics & tips for preserving privacy on the web today.

02 - 05 July
Tech Open Air
TOA 2019
150+ thought-leaders from tech, art, and science share their vision on how they see the world evolving. Connect, collaborate and learn from prominent entrepreneurs at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin. Deep dive into the tech ecosystem with inspirational storytelling, interactive panels, workshops, art installations, live music, and so much more… In addition to the main conference, various Satellite Events will be held throughout the city.
19 - 20 June
EventHorizon Summit 2019

The world’s leading energy blockchain conference will deliver pioneering concepts and solutions for the future of the global energy market. This third energy summit brings together seasoned experts and innovative start-ups in the energy and blockchain industry to actively push the green energy transition.

18 - 19 June
St. Petersburg,
T-Labs & T-Systems White Night Blockchain Hackathon w/ Fetch.AI

The Blockchain Society together with Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) & T-Systems Russia presents a 32-hour Mobility Blockchain Hackathon and Learnathon on St. Petersburg White Night to learn and develop blockchain solutions. This is the fourth T-Labs Hackathon, with the first one taking place in Seattle, the second one in Berlin, the third one in Barcelona, and now in St. Petersburg. The hackathon will focus on blockchain and mobility, and how DLT will transform how we view transportation. The hackathon will feature the tech of Fetch.Ai which you can learn more about here.

13 - 18 June
OuiShare Summit #12

The 12th Ouishare Summit will be held in France to develop the organization and shared vision together as a community, kick-start new projects, facilitate peer to peer learning and build relationships between our distributed team.

12 June
Blockchain in Action

Identity Week 2019

Kai will present our work with the Blockchain on the Move project along with Daniel Du Seuil, Program Manager And Architect Blockchain at Informatie Vlaanderen of the Flemish Government. Starting at 16:25 in Knowledge Theater 1, this session will explore the new paradigm of self-sovereign identity and share the learnings of the Belgian Blockchain on the Move project where the different governments did the first tests with self sovereign identity and blockchain. We will also highlight the next steps including a public-private collaboration and alignment with the European/Global initiatives.

11 June
Women in Identity

@ Identity Week 2019

Ellie will be joining the official launch of Women in Identity hosted by Identity Week. Starting at 11am in Knowldge Theatre 1 @ the ExCel London, you can expect a reintroduction to the organisation, what it means to be a member and some great networking opportunities. You can sign up there and then, and after the launch you can go and explore the Identity Week Exhibition. All are welcome & it’s free to attend!

08 - 09 June
UX Camp Europe

If you a lucky one with a ticket to UX Camp Europe, join our designer Ira for her session & workshop “The true onboarding: first steps you should never skip when designing for non-techies”
(Blockchain for all vs. designing for “crypto-bubble”)

25 May
DEV DAY 2019

Coding & Beyond – Inspiring the Future of Development

DEV DAY is an annual developer event organized by Turbine Kreuzberg for, with and by developers. It started off in 2014 in Portugal at Turbine Kreuzberg’s Faro offices and has become a full-grown annual conference that takes place simultaneously in Berlin and Faro. This year, DEV DAY’19 will be an action packed day filled with 12 talks, 2 panel discussions, a coding challenge and networking with fellow developers with diverse backgrounds, expertise and ages. Everyone is welcome to take part and exchange knowledge. As a sponsor Jolocom has organized a booth for event attendees to learn more about our work in decentralized identity.

23 - 24 May
Potsdamer Konferenz für Nationale CyberSicherheit

On 24.04 Kai will be speaking on a panel examining how to protect digital identities during the Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity, the Germany-wide platform for the national and international exchange of knowledge related to the topic of cyber security. Representatives of the most important security authorities in Germany and Europe enter in dialogue with stakeholders from industry, the political arena and various associations in order to discuss the state of the cybersecurity in Germany and around the globe.

20 May
Jolocom's 5th Birthday!


Iterating on our code base to generate our protocol for self-sovereign identity, our library for devs to access it, and our SmartWallet for people to use it
Decentralizing identity systems across an array of industries
Hosting events for the identity, blockchain & decentralized web community
Building our team to what it is today

Join us in celebrating what we’ve achieved these past five years, and more importantly – let us thank you for being part of the community that’s powered those achievements – at our 5th birthday.

18 May
Identity Stammtisch #1

Defining Identity for Things with Heather Vescent

When we think of identities, our first inclination might be to think of ourselves, as humans, and the identities we carry with us every day. But what if we think for a moment about objects, IoT devices, companies and machines? What does identity look like for things?

Visiting us all the way from sunny California, join researcher Heather Vescent (The Purple Tornado) for an Identity Stammtisch (sundowners! happy hour!) and explore what identity looks like for non-person entities (NPEs) on Saturday, 18 May from 16:00-17:30 on the Betahaus Kreuzberg rooftop.

15 - 16 May
Bosch Connected World

Experience an ecosystem of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) implementations at Bosch ConnectedWorld. The two-day event is one of the few IoT events hosted by an active provider and user of IoT solutions. By leveraging its industry expertise, the Bosch Group provides attendees the inspiration, education and connections needed to thrive in the IoT community.

15 May
DWeb.Design Typonight

w/ Monotype, CDLX, #WomenInType and …
This time we under the new community name, digging deeper to the typography in UI design topic, and still having the same mission: to encourage designers to bring bolder ideas into presentation rooms, create more variety in UI design and to secure the new digital industries (like blockchain) from the visual sameness.

08 May
coding stuttgart: {meetup: {index: 1 } }

At the first coding stuttgart meetup, the term “Self-Sovereign Identity” was mentioned, and someone stood up and said, “that sounds interesting”! At the next meetup in May, Kai will take the opportunity and clear the clouds on how you gain back control over your identity using blockchain technology (and how to integrate it into your applications). There will be talks, there will be conversation and there will be code for sure. And thanks to our host Turbine Kreuzberg there will be amenities to keep you alive during the evening. Doors at 18:30.

30 April - 02 May
Mountain View,
Internet Identity Workshop

The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. This year Jolocom will be joining the Demo Hour and Sandbox Breakfast.

Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference!

30 April
San Francisco,
DWeb SF — April Meetup

When you use today’s Web platforms, ever wonder why the platforms get to control how you log-on, your identity, your data and your media? Is there a way that identity and data could be “self-sovereign” (controlled by the individual not the corporations)? That’s the subject at the next DWeb SF Meet Up, where you can learn about three new approaches to taking back control of your identity and your data. Ellie & Eugeniu will be there to present Jolocom’s self-sovereign approach to identity management.

24 April
Digitaler Salon: E-dentifiziert?

Note: This is a German-language event. Kai will be speaking.

Ein Leben ohne Demokratie kann sich kaum jemand in Europa vorstellen und doch steht sie auf wackeligen Beinen. Fridays for future, save the internet und gelbe Westen: Viele BürgerInnen tragen ihren Unmut über politische Entscheidungen auf der einen und Forderungen für mehr Mitspracherecht auf der anderen Seite ins Netz und auf die Straße. Ein wichtiger Hoffnungsträger bleibt weiterhin ein inklusives, ermächtigendes Netz. Auch Staatsbürgerschaften könnten bald digitalisiert und innoviert werden. Ermöglicht uns das neue Formen der Partizipation und stärkt so die europäische Demokratie? Mit dieser großen Frage möchte der Digitale Salon kurz vor der Europawahl diskutieren, welche Chancen sich durch e-Identity und Onlineabstimmung ergeben.

04 April
DWeb Berlin: Your decentralized identity

Join us to explore emerging use cases for decentralized identity in a relaxed atmosphere with the passionate people powering SSI solutions across a wide range of industries. This meetup will be casual, highly interactive, and open to all levels of expertise. Come demo your own self-sovereign identity, talk shop with developers working on the open source protocols that make it possible, and learn how your industry could move away from centralized solutions and toward this future decentralized ecosystem.

01 - 05 April


Cobots, digital twins, additive manufacturing, or smart factory solutions – take your pick. HANNOVER MESSE showcases innovations and key players of the connected industry in one place. Discuss with your industry peers, take part in presentations with renowned experts, and find out everything about integrated energy systems, innovative supplier solutions, and industrial IT. On day four of the conference, Ellie will represent Jolocom during a panel discussion on blockchain and digital identity organized by Deutsche Telekom.

20 March
Design Lab Berlin

Are you a visual/UI designer working on a project (or in a startup) that already has few alternatives on the market? If “yes”, you will find a lot of useful tips to add to your creative process in Iryna’s talk “Make it stand out: Three cornerstones of visual design strategy to differentiate your product”.

20 March
Blockchain for Social Good Berlin - Digital Identity

Join us to learn about digital identity projects and their social impact. The first event of a meetup series curated by PositiveBlockchain.io in cooperation with BerChain and GIZ Blockchain Lab.

20 - 21 March
Le Grand Barouf Numérique

A two-day debate about our digital empowerment organized by the Lille European Metropolis, Ouishare, and Pop. Conceived as a parliamentary assembly, the Grand Barouf Numérique is a participative and prospective event on digital society that offers participants the opportunity to examine and vote for a bill of digital anticipation.

25 - 28 February
MWC19 Barcelona


MWC Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies, with a highly-rated conference programme assembling today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry. The event also features extensive learning opportunities from dozens of partner-led programmes, GSMA seminars, summits and more.

23 - 24 February
T-Labs Blockchain Mobility Hackathon

A Blockchain Mobility Hackathon using Telekom Innovation Laboratories haststaX solution. The Blockchain Society together with Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T- Labs) presents #T-LabsHACK. A 32 hour Hackathon & Learnathon to learn and develop blockchain solutions!

21 February
Blockchain on the Move (Meetup)

A meetup on self-sovereign identity (SSI) organized by the Blockchain on the Move project partners and Jolocom as technical partner during Phase 1. During this meetup we would like to give you feedback on the first phase of the project, the steps we have taken during the past year, how we approached this, what the results are, and what is still in the pipeline.

11 - 14 February
Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe (TIIME)

On 12. February Kai will present Jolocom’s work within Blockchain on the Move, a landmark project piloting practical use cases for decentralized digital identity management. TIIME takes on topics ranging from identity management architecture and technology to policy, privacy and business, and provides attendees the opportunity to meet experts, learn concepts, tools and techniques, and connect to the community.

11 February
Dribbble meetup: Embrace variety

We decided to recover Dribbble meetups in Berlin!
The first edition with a theme “Embrace variety” will gather young professionals and hometown design heroes to discuss how globalisation affects UI design through standards and trends. Format: panel + talks + portfolio reviews.

11 February
Digital Identity Vienna - Launch Event!

The inaugural event at RIAT – Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics maintained a technical focus, covering digital identities for devices and self-sovereign identity. There, Kai introduced Jolocom’s take on SSI and presented a live demo of our software.

29 - 30 January
AraCon 2019

Joachim represented Jolocom at the Aragon Conference which brings together people who embody and wish to shape the Aragon community, those who are building and supporting the pseudonymous, secure, trustless future — the decentralized web.

22 January

Joachim joined a panel discussion titled “Blockchain – Business models, legal issues and the limits to deployment”.

19 - 20 January
T-Labs Blockchain Identity Hackathon

A Blockchain Identity Hackathon using Telekom Innovation Laboratories haststaX solution. The Blockchain Society together with Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T- Labs) presents the #T-LabsHACK! A 32-hour Identity & Blockchain Hackathon and Learnathon to learn and develop blockchain solutions.

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