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Senior Fronted Developer (React-Native, Typescript)


senior level  •  m/f/x  •  Berlin


Jolocom is looking for an experienced full-time Frontend Developer with strong programming skills, backed by a passion for both web and native mobile development, to build a truly outstanding product experience


At Jolocom you will:

  • work in tandem with Jolocom’s design team to implement new features and UX/UI improvements to our SmartWallet application for mobile platforms (iOS and Android)

  • collaborate with our Engineering Team, especially re: backend development

  • build new (product) features from start to finish (from conception all the way through research, maintenance, and refinements)

  • improve UI and UX across all our web/mobile projects

  • maintain documentation and test

  • engage in open source community collaboration

You may be a fit for this role if…

  • your portfolio includes relevant projects or related activities

  • you are familiar with animation techniques (don’t be afraid, we are reasonable)

  • you are passionate about building great digital experiences

  • you are aware of and interested in software architecture and design patterns

  • you gravitate toward idiomatic, well-structured, readable, and testable code

  • you have persistent drive to make improvements and innovate, desire to have an impact by effectively managing conflicts and priorities, and by thinking creatively and solution-oriented

  • you are excited to help solve complex UI problems with us

  • you are fluent in English (German is a plus)

Skills needed for the role: 

  • Typescript
  • React + Redux, for both web and mobile frontends
  • React Native for cross-platform mobile development
  • Vue
  • other tech (bonus!) Node.js for backend development and library code
  • Git, bash

Extra points for: 

  • React Native experience
  • familiarity with Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Web concepts

What to expect from us:

  • a flat (horizontal) organization – we avoid top-down management

  • supportive, collaborative and friendly atmosphere

  • multi-product environment

  • agile

  • clear & rigorous documentation

  • product features built to specifications

  • realistic project estimation times

  • design systems and adaptable productivity infrastructure

  • opportunities to come up with your own solutions for technical challenges around dataflow, reactiveness and performance

  • a deep appreciation for open source

  • an exciting cryptography-based product with incredible potential

. . .

What it’s like to work at Jolocom?

At Jolocom we are on a mission to put people, organizations, and machines in control of their data using decentralized identity management technology.

We create software systems that resolve significant challenges in digital identity & access management while delivering person-first user experience.

We maintain a calculated balance between pragmatism (shipping code), deeply informed protocol design, and strict application of robust engineering principles.

Crucially, we believe in a collaborative approach to creation: at Jolocom we share a definitive appreciation for the transformative power of open source.

All of this happens in the heart of Berlin.

If you already have a smile on your face, it may be time to pursue your passion at Jolocom.

. . .

If you believe that you cover the majority of the requirements above, please send your CV, portfolio (if not available online) and few lines about why you are a good fit at hello (at)