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We designed our infrastructure for self-sovereign identity to accommodate all current and foreseeable demands on digital identities.

Open source, modular, lightweight and adaptable, the software is primed to support any transaction involving unique identity data.

It’s flexible enough to support countless distinct commercial and non-commercial uses. Plus, it’s robust enough to be successfully implemented at scale across different industries and markets.

How Jolocom solutions
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Off the shelf integration

Use our open source Jolocom software development kit (SDK) to build your own SSI-enabled project. This might be a verifier, issuer, custodial service or something completely different.

Open the SDK
Develop custom solutions with our support

Jolocom offers a full consultancy service to anyone wanting to get started in SSI. We’ve already worked with various governments and companies, integrating and extending Self-sovereign Identity to their services.
If you want to work with us too, get in touch.

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Onboard your users with SSI

Introducing people to new identity technologies can be a challenge. So, whether it’s customers, staff or clients, if you need assistance onboarding your people with SSI, we can help.

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Own your digital self

Everything you need to know about the Jolocom SmartWallet, plus download links so you can try it yourself. Visit Avalon and see the SmartWallet at work in our virtual environment.

Issue and manage credentials with the Jolocom Agent

The Jolocom Agent is for creating, issuing and managing verifiable credentials and define, perform and manage verifications. The Agent provides a Graphical User Interface and APIs for an easy integration in your backend.

What is self-sovereign identity?

Internet cryptography pioneer Christopher Allen provides an excellent description of self-sovereign identity in an April 2016 blog post:

“[User autonomy] is the heart of self-sovereign identity, a term that’s coming into increased use in the ‘10s. Rather than just advocating that users be at the center of the identity process, self-sovereign identity requires that users be the rulers of their own identity.”

The concept describes a system of identity wherein an individual user controls the flow of information between real world and digital identities involving a user’s unique identity data.

Why do you care about data? Why should I?

Having to rely on third parties to manage my identity data means I can only use my identity how those third parties allow. I have no say over my identity because I have no control over my data.

Another aspect is privacy, only if you control and manage your identity data privacy is possible. Current identity providers and system involves a central party knowing everything you do with your identity data.

We don’t think things should work this way. Your data is truly valuable, and we help make sure you are the steward of that resource.

What are claims and verified credentials?

A claim is a piece of information that you or others say about you, i.e. claim to be true. Ideally, we’d be able to trust information without necessarily trusting the party responsible for a claim.

This is where verification comes in handy.

Verified credentials provide a way to express statements about a person or smart agent which are cryptographically verifiable and may be used in further interactions with services or other parties. Along with hierarchically deterministic key pair implementation, verifiable credentials provide the tools required to create complex data while simultaneously preserving simplicity at the core of the protocol.

Why should I trust you with my data? What steps do you take to ensure it stays secure?

Privacy is one of our main focus points and we’re glad you asked. It’s an important question. Your data defines you in the digital world, so it’s vital to know what happens to it.

To make sure that you can trust both our code and our company, we decided to become a purpose company in 2017. This allowed us to build good governance into the foundations of our company and ensure that we always serve our purpose – to build simple tool for securely managing identity that everyone can use.

We make use of sophisticated key management and implement the latest encryption technologies to securely restrict access to your private date while enabling you to share your digital identity at your discretion via our protocol.

I’m a developer. How can I contribute?

As an open source project, we make all our code publicly available. We welcome everyone interested in our work to visit our GitHub to explore our repositories and documentation for themselves.

Questions? Feedback? You can always reach us on Gitter & Telegram, tweet at us, or simply send us an email.

Do you often go to conferences, meetups, hackathons, etc.?

You bet. Our Events page provides a comprehensive history of community engagement and activity in the decentralized identity space since 2014.

How can I become a partner or supporter?

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities and other ways to support our work in self-sovereign identity systems, you are welcome to contact us with a summary of your proposal.