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Jolocom Whitepaper v2.1
A comprehensive introduction to the Jolocom Protocol for digital identity and access management, including design principles, system architecture, interaction flows, and deployment.
Product overview
An overview of Jolocom’s product suite for identity and access management solutions, including off-the-shelf integrations as well as custom builds and deployments.

Position papers

On the German federal government’s blockchain strategy from 18.09.2019

An action paper from the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) submitted to the federal government in the form of an executive summary containing brief statements & concrete demands in direct relation to the blockchain strategy of the federal government. Authors include Kai Wagner & Irene Adamski.

Published on 10 March 2020
Self-sovereign Identity

A position paper from the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) on decentralized identity written from the perspective of the German blockchain identity scene. It outlines the common vision on topics such as standardization, GDPR, and security requirements as regard enabling a universal identity infrastructure. Authors include Kai Wagner (Jolocom).

Published 23 October 2018
Blockchain, data protection, and the GDPR

A position paper from the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) on major improvements to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation going into effect in May 2018 and ways to deal with data protection on the blockchain effectively. Contributors include Kai Wagner (Jolocom).

Published 25 May 2018
Blockchain: Opportunities and challenges of a new digital infrastructure for Germany

A position paper from the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) on blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography for use as basic infrastructural innovations that further support a digital economy built on democratic structures. Authors include Joachim Lohkamp (Jolocom).

Published 16 October 2017
Decentralized identity: What’s at stake?

This position paper introduces a scenario-based approach to depict possible futures of digital identity in order to contribute to the important debate on how to best govern the new, highly disruptive approach to digital identity: self-sovereign identity. Authors include Kai Wagner (Jolocom).

Published on November 2020