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Get a new lease on life and
take control of your digital self.
Unleash your identity data using
our decentralized infrastructure
for self-sovereign identity.
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Universal Identity Protocol

An open source protocol for people and smart agents to autonomously create and interact with digital,

self-sovereign identities.
A model of identity 
that works for everyone 
and everything
Flexible and scalable 
by design
How does it work?

For developers

Our documentation is constantly maturing.

Feel free to explore our technical docs for the protocol.

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Jolocom SmartWallet

An app for identity management that puts you in control of your data.
Test out the alpha release and help us shape our tools to better meet the world’s identity needs.
I'm ready
Currently for Android devices.
(iOS + F-Droid coming soon)

In the media

Berlin Valley #27
Blockchain Circle: Digitales Wallet verspricht mehr Datensicherheit
Eine unabhängige Lösung für die digitale Identität bringt dem Eigentümer die Hoheit über seine Daten zurück. Das sorgt z.B. für einen vereinfachten Marktzugang für neue Geschäftsideen und Compliance mit der neuen europäischen Datenschutzverordnung, sowie besseren Retention-Rates. Die aktuelle Kontrolle digitaler Identität durch große Plattformen wird so ausgehebelt…”
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Innogy Innovation Hub
Machine Economy Deep Dives: Digital Identity Part V
...blockchains are very useful for a specific aspect of digital identity solutions, namely the registration of identities and the creation of incentives to engage and be active in the ecosystem. For other aspects of identity management, they are simply not the right tool. Still, we should not allow ourselves to succumb to a provincial perspective of blockchains as mere value transaction machines…”
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