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We create solutions
for the future of
digital identity

Everyone and everything capable of having a self-sovereign identity should be able to freely communicate and share information with each other.

Jolocom’s role is to empower this.

Build custom SSI solutions with the Jolocom SDK

With this software development kit you can integrate or try out self-sovereign identity technology.

It’s open source code with all the documentation available on GitHub, giving you or your developers everything they need.

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Issue and manage credentials with the Jolocom Agent

The Jolocom Agent is for creating, issuing and managing verifiable credentials and define, perform and manage verifications. The Agent provides a Graphical User Interface and APIs for an easy integration in your backend.

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Try out the Jolocom SmartWallet

Whether an individual or an organization, the Jolocom SmartWallet gives you secure interactions and improved privacy through the power of self-sovereign identity technology.

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