We are looking for a Product Designer (with a focus on cross-platform mobile development) to join us full-time
Everyone and everything capable of having
a self-sovereign identity (SSI) should be able to
freely communicate and share information with each other.
Jolocom's role is to enable this.
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We create solutions for the future of digital identity

A model of identity 
that works for everyone 
and everything
Flexible and scalable 
by design
How does it work?

For developers

Our dev team is constantly iterating the protocol.
Check out our repos, submit a new issue or help out on an existing one.

Jolocom SDK on Github
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Jolocom SmartWallet

To put the protocol into practice, we've created an app for identity management that puts you in control of your data.
See what your self-sovereign identity
would look like in practice.
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Real life case studies

Coopetition rather than competition for self-sovereign identity wallets
The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State North Rhein-Westphalia (MWIDE) conducted the Online-Sicherheitsprüfung (OSiP) Self-Sovereign Identity project over the course of mid-2019 with support from cosinex and Accenture, with Spherity and Jolocom acting as the SSI wallet providers..."
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Jolocom self sovereign identities at work in Bundesdruckerei proof of concept for e-government
Combining the potential of credentials in the self-sovereign identity world with sophisticated public sector technology, like passport validation, Bundesdruckerei has created this proof-of-concept with us to showcase how the same quality attestation can be provided in self-sovereign use cases..."
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Decentralized ride sharing launches in Bonn
Imagine a world where you can use a self-sovereign identity single sign-on from any SSI provider for your scooter ride share, your online shopping, to register for university. Companies can now onboard more users faster, while at the same time reducing high data management costs..."
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Bringing self-sovereign identity to Flemish citizens
Jolocom delivered the building blocks of a self-managed identity that citizens would be able to use to establish control over their identity data. From the outset, we were drawn to the motivation behind the Blockchain on the Move project — to test real blockchain implementations in different demo environments and interaction lifecycles..."
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