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Gitcoin Grant: Donate a few tokens to build the Future of Identity

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Jun 09, 2022
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The Cause to support Jolocom

Digital identification and verification is still a rare occurrence for some, and becoming common place for others. Fact is digital identities will become ubiquitous in just a few years. This is why the European Union, along with many other national lawmakers, are currently developing their positions on how to regulate this growing space and market, why a lot of the Big Tech actors are moving into the digital identity space, and why demand for digital identity infrastructure is steadily increasing.

The good news is: a lot of innovation is happening and things are developing at amazing speeds.

The vulnerable aspect is: the infrastructures we implement will have a decisive influence on who will own our individual data in the future. Will it be citizens and individuals themselves? Or large corporations or governments? How will this affect our freedoms, expressions of self and democratic processes?

Jolocom can offer identity infrastructure for users, entities and authorities that keeps data solely in the hands of the data subject, but also allows for controlled, self-sovereign exchange of select data with trusted partners. In order to get this infrastructure to production readiness, we now need to scale a lot faster than we have before, in order to forcefully compete with the federated or centralized identity infrastructures of GAFA & Co.  

Starting today, make a small donation through Gitcoin and have an enormous impact for the production-readiness of SSI, through Gitcoin’s quadratic funding. The funding round closes on June 20th, 2022.

Gitcoin Grant Round 14 is open now, supporting advocacy groups around the world. When you donate even 1 EUR worth of crypto to Jolocom, it will be multiplied through the matching pool. Quadratic funding rewards the number of community members who give, along with the amount. So many small donations can really have an enormous impact.

This is an example of the matching funds allotted to a Gitcoin Grant donation.

How to donate

  1. First, you’ll need to create or log in your Github account. 
  2. Use that account to authorize in to Gitcoin.  
  3. Choose our or any number of Gitcoin grants that speak to you here:
  1. You’ll need a crypto wallet like Metamask or Rainbow Wallet with some Ethereum or other tokens.
  2. Select how much you want to donate. (For example: .003 ETH = about 5.00 EUR)
  3. Do you want to also add some money to the matching pool? Be sure to set an amount in that field as well.
  4. Hit the “I’m Ready to Checkout” button.
  5. In the drop-down menu, pick Standard Checkout, Polygon, or zkSync.
  6. Connect and log in to your crypto wallet to pay.
  7. BONUS: You can verify your identity by creating a Gitcoin Passport via Ceramic to maximize the matching funds (up to 150%).
  8. The more people who give, the greater the percentage of the matching pool we receive.

Thank you for taking these steps to unleash huge support for Jolocom. A small amount means the world to us, and helps Jolocom build the Future of Identity!