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Jolocom added to DIF Universal Resolver

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Jan 31, 2019
 • logged_by: Charles

One of the greatest risks to decentralized projects is competition. Not of implementations (constructive competition), but of standards (destructive competition) — or in the context of self sovereign identities, the creation of a “war of protocols”.

Open, shared standards enable interoperability and encourage innovation. We want users to be able to share their SSI-stored personal data in any and all contexts, and services not to worry that implementing an SSI single sign on (SSO) to their website will result in the same proliferation of SSO options that exist today with centralized services (login with Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Gitter, Github +++).

If we continue with the SSO example, what we hope and expect to see, is a user login option advertising an SSI login button that allows you to use any SSI Wallet available (we hope you pick us!). In order to make this possible, the Decentralized Identity Foundation has introduced a Universal Resolver that “lets us build architectures and protocols on top of identifiers that are completely self-sovereign.” With a Universal Resolver “there is no longer a need for a central authority to issue, maintain and revoke identifiers.”

Jolocom driver accessible here

How we did it

At Jolocom, we made a simple docker image containing a server which resolves did:jolo DIDs to DID documents so that we can be added/integrated with the DIF Universal Resolver. This means that developers can now resolve Jolocom DIDs with the Universal Resolver — a big step, we think, towards building the foundation for a decentralized web. This also helps us remain interoperable by providing a way to access our DIDs through a unified open API.

Access the Jolocom driver for the Universal Resolver here.

For a step by step instruction on how to do the same, visit:

  1. A Universal Resolver for self-sovereign identifiers
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  3. decentralized-identity/universal-resolver