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Mar 08, 2022  •  4min

Kaliya ‘Identity Woman’ Young

'It isn’t that the industry toxic and hard right away – it is that the deep systemic issue and the years of micro-aggressions and not being seen and recognized for one’s work.'
Use cases  •  
Jan 11, 2022  •  5 min

International Thank You Day

Today, January 11, is the International Day of Gratitude. What better time then, to tell partners that you cherish their work and thank them for the inspiration they have given you? We at Jolocom refl
Guides  •  
Nov 26, 2019  •  7 min

Growing list of open source design resources

For our 3rd design meetup we decided to go beyond the topic of communication through interfaces, and also replace our traditional event recap with a list of open source design resources.