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Enterprise-grade Credential Management

Your scalable all-in-one SaaS platform for digital credential lifecycle management including issuance and verification.


The Jolocom Platform offers a list of powerful features designed to optimize your organisations’ digital identity management needs:
API & No-code UI
The Jolcom Platform can be integrated using our RESTful API or no-code UI
DID Agnostic
Native support for multiple DID methods (DID:JOLO DID:WEB, DID:KEY + on-demand methods)
Transport Layer
Support for multiple communication protocols such as DIDComm v2 and OIDC for SSI.
GDPR Compliant
Ensure regulatory compliancy of your integration using our built-in compliance tooling.
Multi-channel Access
Enable credential use-cases with app2app deep links and cross-device QR-code interactions.
Custom Designs
Create credentials with custom background, icons, holder picture, and additional visuals.
Role Management
Enable your SaaS users to access the platform with role-specific permissions.
Test User Flows
Use Jolocom SmartWallet to test your issuance and verification flows.
Lifecycle Management
Control your credentials with revocation and update features that cover the full credential lifecycle.
Multiple Profiles
Create customisable issuer and verifier profiles to interact with your contacts.
Credential Templates
Build or import custom credential issuance and verification templates for your organisation.

Use Cases for Jolocom Platform

Together with the Jolocom SmartWallet, or with our Hosted Holder, you can develop and test fully functional SSI workflows tailored to your use cases.
Personal Credentials
Integrate and issue govt., enterprise or educational identity credentials.
Travel and mobility
Enable frictionless travel, rental and check-in experiences.
Loyalty programs
Build customer relationships with membership cards and vouchers.
Proof of purchase
Close the customer journey with digital reciepts.
On-site/Online IAM
Login and autheticate with any online/offline service.
Trust Assertion
Ensure the assertion of user identities by referencing multiple credentials.
Legal credentials
Ensure attribution, integrity and provenance of legal documents and contracts.

Jolocom SmartWallet

Whether an individual or an organization, the Jolocom SmartWallet gives you secure interactions and improved privacy through the power of self-sovereign identity technology.

Integrate with Jolocom now!

Integrate with Jolocom now!

Developing your own use case or service? Reach out to us directly and start building today!