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John Calian
John Calian
Head of T-Labs
Deutsche Telekom
We have been engaged with the team at Jolocom for over one year now, and they continue to impress us with their creativity and expertise in the self-sovereign plus blockchain world.
Our group needed much guidance as we entered this new domain, and Joachim and the team were excellent partners then as now.”
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As a partner company of the EU Horizon 2020 project, Jolocom provided decentralized identity for the AGILE IoT gateway.
We are a technical partner in the Blockchain on the Move project supported by the City of Antwerp, Digipolis, the Regional Government of Flanders, and V-ICT-OR
Working together on projects using identity data stored in BigchainDB for use in Ethereum smart contracts.
Developing a proof of concept for verification of verifiable credentials within a decentralized infrastructure
Collaborating on research exploring how SSI can best impact existing Web 2.0 and emerging Web 3.0 services, with a focus on IoT and modular, decentralized architectures.
Research project on decentralized identity systems based on a personal server approach utilizing WebID and Ethereum.
Building a fully decentralized open mobility system for seamless mobility as a service
We collaborate on building decentralized identity protocols that can be used by humans and for machines.
Created a proof of concept for managing identity on embedded IoT devices.

Community activity

We are all about building open communities and working together to tackle common challenges. In addition to our regular outreach and participation at events, we are especially active in certain organizations focused on blockchain, digital identity, and the intersection of science, technology, and society.
Wendy Hanamura
Wendy Hanamura
Decentralized Web Summit & Internet Archive
Brewster Kahle and I first met the leaders of Jolocom in 2015, when they brought the first DWeb conference to San Francisco. It was very early days, but they have been pioneers and evangelists leading the way toward a decentralized future. Over four years of collaboration, I have come to know the remarkable team at Jolocom well. I've found them to be motivated by the highest values: openness, creativity, and making sure the decentralized web is a place where all are welcome. Jolocom has shown leadership in every sense of the word. I feel very, very lucky to work with them.”
Helped build the coworking space into a meeting hub for decentralized tech and the sharing community. It also served as the first home of Jolocom.
Helping develop the blockchain community in Berlin.
Our team has actively contributed to several position papers and working groups on identity and privacy. Joachim is currently serving on its board.
Joachim and Kai frequently engage with representatives from across different industries to connect the corporate world and startups on the topic of blockchain.
Joachim acted as a technical advisor for the global network of hubs advocating for blockchain and the decentralized web.
Member and contributor to the identity working group since 2015.
As part of our commitment to open standards we cooperate with other foundation members on interoperability of decentralized identity.
Supporting a global network of local community hubs seeking to building a better Web — a Decentralized Web.
Having shared a coworking space with ETH DEV for over two years, we organized a number of events for the Berlin blockchain community.
Moving topics, code, and projects downfield and helping co-create new experiences around the decentralized web. Started at Agora Collective in 2014.
Co-founding member. Promoting trust in blockchain technology among public authorities and citizens.
Co-organizing the Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco since 2016.
Supporting IPDB’s research on sustainable governance structures for public, permissionless networks
Since 2013 Joachim has helped to bring blockchain and decentralization to the global sharing economy community.
Provides the legal framework that enables us to run a for-profit, for-purpose company you can trust.
Helping address issues relating to secure identity as member of the central regional network of and for companies, universities, and research institutions
Jolocom contributed to the Solid stack on GitHub. Eugeniu and Tim Berners Lee contributed to a workshop from MasterCard to build an identity solution for refugees.
Advancing the establishment of open standards for Decentralized Identifiers as a World Wide Web Consortium member organization.


Helping steer a paradigm shift in how we do identity is not a simple feat. We receive support from a variety of organizations & institutions that provide crucial guidance as we continue to develop as a business and pioneer in the digital identity industry.
Received a three-year grant as a partner of AGILE, a Horizon 2020 initiative.
Received subsidy for team development.
Received three separate grants for prototype design and research.