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We receive support from a variety of partners who provide critical guidance as we continue to evolve as a company and pioneer in the digital identity industry.
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Provided decentralized identity for an IoT gateway in the AGILE EU Horizon 2020 project.
Pioneered the use of self-sovereign identity in the public sector, where we contributed as a technical partner with our Wallet, SDK and SSI based services.
Has worked with us on multiple projects, from early SSI and eID verification prototypes to the current regional Pilots in the Secure Digital Identities Showcase project.
Collaborated on research exploring how SSI can best impact web services with a focus on IoT and modular, decentralized architectures — culminating in the Xride e-mobility project.
Provided self-sovereign identity integration for difacturo's e-invoicing solution on top of the Jolocom SDK. Aquired difacturo software in 2021.
In the early days of EBSI/ESSIF, Jolocom contributed actively to the initial reference architecture and specification with our SSI expertise.
Serving a use case for retired people in the Phillipines Jolocom provided support for the use of our SDK in a Pilot for discount systems in Manila.
Research project on decentralized identity systems.
We are supplying the diverese use cases of ID-Ideal with our citizen facing SmartWallet and further B2B tools.
Collaborated on a study researching how to build an open and decentralized mobility ecosystem.
Providing our SSI infrastructure and components, Jolocom is supplying the diverse use cases of ONCE with our citizen-facing SmartWallet and further B2B tools. In addition, we pilot the German (smartphone-based) Smart eID and the ISO mDL in our SmartWallet.
Created a proof of concept for managing identity on embedded IoT devices.
Our Jolocom SSI solution is used to define a so-called SDIx adapter that connects centralized and decentralized identity applications.
We designed a DID method that builds on top of the Stacks Blockchain Naming System.
Building a coherent answer to the demands of GDPR in our technology step, ranging to a subsequent upgrade of our tech stack to improve compliance.
Building a decentralized academic conference management system on the foundation of SSI-enabled credentials.

Community activity

We are all about building open communities and working together to tackle common challenges. In addition to our regular outreach and participation at events, we are especially active in certain organizations focused on blockchain, digital identity, and the intersection of science, technology, and society.
Wendy Hanamura
Wendy Hanamura
Decentralized Web Summit & Internet Archive
Brewster Kahle and I first met the leaders of Jolocom in 2015, when they brought the first DWeb conference to San Francisco. It was very early days, but they have been pioneers and evangelists leading the way toward a decentralized future. Over four years of collaboration, I have come to know the remarkable team at Jolocom well. I've found them to be motivated by the highest values: openness, creativity, and making sure the decentralized web is a place where all are welcome. Jolocom has shown leadership in every sense of the word. I feel very, very lucky to work with them.”
Helped build the coworking space into a meeting hub for decentralized tech and the sharing community.
Helping develop the blockchain community in Berlin.
Actively contributing to several position papers and working groups on identity and privacy. Our founder, Joachim, is currently serving on the board.
Member and contributor to the identity working group since 2015.
As part of our commitment to open standards we cooperate with other foundation members on interoperability of decentralized identity. A key focus concerns integration for KERI.
Supporting a global network of hubs seeking to building a better decentralized web.
Organized a number of events for the Berlin blockchain community. Also shared a coworking space with ETH DEV for just over two years.
Co-founding member and actively contributing to the working groups on identity, interoperability and energy. Collaborating on the future regulatory framework for our industry.
Co-organizing the Decentralized Web Summit since 2016 and DWeb community event series since 2018.
Since 2013, Jolocom's founder, Joachim, has helped to bring blockchain and decentralization to the global sharing economy community.
Provides the legal framework that enables us to run a for-profit, for-purpose company you can trust.
Contributing to the work of Verband Sichere Digitale Identität toward secure digital identity in Germany with our public affairs team.
Jolocom contributed to the Solid stack on GitHub. Eugeniu and Tim Berners Lee contributed to a workshop from MasterCard to build an identity solution for refugees.
Advancing the establishment of open standards for Decentralized Identifiers as a World Wide Web Consortium member organization.


Helping steer a paradigm shift in how we do identity is not a simple feat. We receive support from a variety of organizations & institutions that provide crucial guidance as we continue to develop as a business and pioneer in the digital identity industry.
Received a three-year grant as a partner of AGILE, a Horizon 2020 initiative.
Received subsidy for team development.
Received three separate grants for prototype design and research.
Funding the showcase projects for Secure Digital Identity (SDI) the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action is supporting us for our contributions to the projects ONCE and ID-Ideal.