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Jolocom builds components for eSSIF-Lab SSI Framework

October 14, 2020

NGI eSSIF-Lab is an EU-funded project. It aims to advance the broad uptake of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) as a next generation, open and trusted digital identity solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet in everyday life.

Jolocom has been selected to build two SSI components integrating with the eSSIF-Lab SSI Framework:

  • UBS (Universal Backup Service), and
  • CBAS (Capability Based Authentication System)

Jolocom’s UBS provides an easily deployable, configurable, flexible backup solution which developers can integrate with existing SSI services / applications (e.g. wallet applications, issuer services, verifier services) for persisting and retrieving encrypted backups in an authenticated manner.

CBAS, as defined and implemented in the project, will be fully open source and based on existing open standards/specifications well understood by the SSI community. This proposed SSI component is an implementation of a capabilities based authorization system utilizing DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, Verifiable Presentations, and DID Comm. It enables essential functionality for eSSIF-Lab and the wider SSI community.

Both components will be developed over the next months. A further core focus of eSSIF-Lab is to integrate these components with numerous other projects funded under the program.

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These projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the eSSIF-Lab Project funded under grant agreement No 871932.

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